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Product Description

Prefabricated interior decoration board is a new type of fabricated decoration sheet for interior decoration, which is made of asbestos-free calcium silicate board as the base material through technologies such as infiltration, waterproof treatment, decoration film pasting, curing, polishing and grooving.

Scope of Application

Interior decoration of prefabricated buildings, apartments, hotels and commercial stores.


Product Features

1.Light weight, high strength, fireproof, waterproof, easy to clean;
2.Non-toxic, harmless and incombustible;
3.Rich in colors, patterns and textures, with design easy to realize.

Advantages of prefabricated interior decoration

1.The prefabricated construction can save 30-40% of overall time, with fast investment return;
2.The quality of parts and components is controllable, with less material waste, standardized construction, low pollution and less disturbance to residents;
3.Environmentally friendly decoration, ready for use upon completion;
4.It is easy to maintain in the later period, and the materials can be reused.

Specification and dimension

ItemSpecification and dimensionTolerance
Length2400, 3000± 1.5
Width600, 1200± 1.5
Thickness8, 10, 12± 0.2
Diagonal difference ≤-2.0
Edge perpendicularity ≤-3.0
Edge straightness ≤-3.0
Note: Other specifications can be customized.


Product performance

ItemStandard requirementsInspection method
Apparent density, g/cm3≥1.4GB/T 7019-2014
Moisture content, %≤10
Flexural strengthMPa≥16
Aspect ratio of strength, %≥58
Impact strength, kJ/m2≥2.2
Wet elongation, %≤0.25
ImpermeabilityNo water droplets appear on the reverse side of the board after 24 h
Frost resistanceThere shall be no cracking or delamination after 25 freezing cycles.
Combustion performanceGrade A (test without decorative film)GB/T 5464-2010
RadioactivityInternal Exposure Index (IRa)≤1.0GB 6566-2010
External Exposure Index (Ir)≤1.0
Peel strength, MPa≥0.8GB/T17657-2013








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