Light steel joist partition system
Time : 2012-08-17

Partition system installation technical points
    Mark the accurate location of ceiling keel 、floor keel 、door & window、sanitary fixture and pipes  according to design drawing. The vertical keels should be arranged in turn in the same direction and  make sure them upright, the distance between centers is 400mm~600mm. 

    The boards should be longitudinal laid if the wall needs a higher fireproof rate and the joints staggered

    The distance between boards is 4~5mm, between board and floor is 5mm. the center distance of  tapping screws is 200~300mm, between tapping screw and board edge is 15mm, between the head  tapping screw and corner is 50mm, drive the tapping screw into board for 1mm.
 partition system structure chart

1. Head keel         2. Floor keel             3. Crossbar keel         4. Vertical keel           5. Tapping screw     6. Setscrew

7. Lutai board       8.  Concrete skirting board (waterproof)